Casa de Recuperación Post Operatoria en Guadalajara Rest & Recover

Our Recovery Home

¡Hemos creado el ambiente perfecto para tu recuperación!

In Rest & Recover, our business is all about medical tourism. We don't get distracted by trying to serve the general market as if we were a large hotel or a regular bed & breakfast. Instead, we focus entirely on helping our customers to rest and recover of elective surgery in a clean, comfortable and relaxing environment.

Our private residence is the perfect place for your recovery. Está ubicado en el moderno y seguro “Jardines de la Patria” del área metropolitana de Guadalajara, a solo unos minutos del Hospital Innovãre y Hospital Puerta de Hierro.


This is your time to Rest & Recover!

As you probably won't feel like seeing the whole city in the days following your surgery, we will provide you with all the comforts of home to ensure that your stay with us exceeds your expectations.

Rest and recover.
¡De Guadalajara para el mundo!

Our rates include breads, donuts or pastries, yogurt, coffee, juice and a variety of cereals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. breakfast, a gourmet lunch and a light dinner. When you're not sleeping, enjoy our super-fast wireless Internet connection on your laptop or watch a movie or TV series.

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